Have you ever been in class and not been able to completely remember what the instructor said
about a certain subject or movement after class is over?  It happens to us all!

Our VIRTUAL LESSONS are a companion guide to riding lessons, not a teach-yourself-to-ride

Please use this section to compliment and reinforce what you learn in your riding classes.  Use it to
help answer such questions as "What the devil did my instructor say an 'aid' was?"  Use it to learn
your way around the barn, to learn about horses and to enjoy riding.


To the greatest horses of all time - the ones that teach.
A lot of people helped make the photos in this guide possible.  Thanks to the staff and
students at Woodland Horse Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, especially Tammy and Kate
Gildea.  A special thanks to Jane Seigler and Hank Huston of Reddemeade Horse Center in
Silver Spring for their time and efforts.
CHAPTERS: The Basics
CHAPTERS: The Finer Points
CHAPTERS: Onward and Upward
LESSON 6:  Half Halt, On the Bit, and Evasions
More on the Half Halt - Collection: On the Bit - Evasions
LESSON 7:  Half Seat and Introduction to the Canter
The Half Seat - Cantering
LESSON 8:  Trail Class
Preparation - On the Trail
LESSON 12:  Jumping 102
Stadium Jumping - Cross Country Jumping
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