Parents and Students have shared their thoughts...

As always, Jordan loved summer camp at Woodland, and as always, we
parents did, too!  It was great fun, great physical activity, great learning
about responsibility.  And the staff are completely low key and flexible to our
family's needs.  It's such a pleasure to be there!
~ Joey R.

My daughter has been riding weekly at Woodland for two and a half years
and there has never been a day that we were not excited to go - even in
the coldest and hottest weather.  We love the horses, the instructors with
their friendly approach, and the open space where kids can play.   ~ Sarah

Of all the barns at which I've ridden, Woodland has the nicest, most caring
staff and volunteers.  They truly care about the horses and it shows in the
temperament of the horses.   ~ Susan C.

One of the things I like best about Equi-lease is that I get to ride the same
horse every time I ride.  I like having a relationship with the horse.    ~ Bryan

My daughter calls Woodland her "happy place". The animals always look
clean and healthy, surrounded by people who truly love, understand and
appreciate them. Woodland offers so many exciting opportunities for all
levels and ages that the only challenge is finding the time to participate in
all the activities. My favorite part as a parent, though, is the supportive and
caring staff: I have the peace of mind knowing that my child is always taken
care of in the most warm and nurturing way.   ~ Masha L.

Saddle Club is a terrific program with great instructors, wonderful horses, in
a professional and safe environment.    My 8-year old is living her dream!  
And for this parent, it's satisfying to watch her child's confidence and skills
grow.   ~ Christina L.

One summer I went to camp and I haven't left since then.  My friends and
great instructors keep me coming back.  I have so many great memories
here.   ~ Therese C.

I have been riding at Woodland for 20 years.  It is a great place to learn the
proper way to ride.   ~ Peter F.

My daughter Sophia loves taking care of the Woodland horses. She knows
a lot about horses, thanks to the Saddle Club.
Thank you Saddle Club!   ~ Joanna J.

Shae says she loves riding in the Saddle Club van and she loves getting to
know the horses and spending time with them.  She especially loves Sox!  
The lessons are fun and she has made friends with the other kids.  She
loves cantering and jumping.    ~ Jim R.

My 11-year-old daughter loves Saddle Club and looks forward to it all week.
She has learned skills and confidence. And I love the convenience of
after-school pickup!   ~ Naomi B.

Imagine starting each weekend with a Friday horseback riding lesson after
school.  This is pure heaven for a child who loves horses!  
~ Kathy D.
Thoughts shared about our FREE Trial Lesson...

"Your instructor, Michelle, is wonderful.  She has a great demeanour and
was very informative.  Thank you for a wonderful experience."

"I liked the lecture provided and the opportunity to ride."

"I really enjoyed my lesson.  I have never been on a horse before but was
made very comfortable by both the instructor and helper."

"It was great.  The instructor and the learning lesson was very informative.  
Thank you Woodland for the wonderful experience."

"Very welcoming staff and instructor!  Warm, friendly atmosphere.  
Emphasis on safety - great."

"The instructor was
very helpful and attentive.  She gave clear, concise
instructions.  The assistant for my horse was very encouraging."

"We had a great introductory lesson!  I can't believe how much we learned!  
The instructors were so helpful.

"Very educational, great patience from instructors and great place for kids.  
Thank you very much."
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