Tammy Gildea is the Senior Manager of  Woodland and is the
Head Instructor.  She has ridden and trained all of her life.  She
has trained with Becky Langwost and Linda Speer in upper level
dressage.  Tammy is the heart of Woodland.
Karen Parker is Marketing Director and is Director of Saddle
Club.  She is also coach of the Adult Drill Team and coach of
the Saddle Club Show Team.  She began riding at Woodland
as an adult in 2001 and understands the challenges of new
and returning adult riders.  Karen teaches all levels of both the
English and Western disciplines.  Karen and her horse Flint
became proud members of the MNCPP Volunteer Mounted
Police Patrol in 2014.
Here are some of our other wonderful Instructors you will meet when you come to
Woodland Horse Center
All Woodland Instructors are dedicated to the art of horseback
riding and are thrilled to share their  love for all things equestrian
with their students!

I have been riding at Woodland for 20 years.  It is a great place to learn the proper way to ride.

-  Peter F.

All Woodland
Instructors are
graduates of WHC's
Instructor Training
School, conducted
to British Horse
Woodland Horse Center
16301 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905
301-421-9156          fax: 301-421-9049
Katy Espinoza is General Manager of Woodland.  She does
everything from teaching to helping run the barn to running the
business as a whole.  Katy has ridden since childhood and
joined the Woodland family in 2012.  She enjoys dressage and
show jumping with her horse Reilly which she bought in 2014.  
Riley and Katy are training for eventing in the near future.
Ashley Christian is our Barn manager and take incredible care
of all our horses.  She has ridden at Woodland since early
childhood and now teaches all levels of classes and is coach of
the Hunter/Jumper Team and the Dressage Team.  She show
dressage with her lovely horse DJ.
Tess M
Tess E