Monday, September 2 - Children’s and Adults Labor Day Horse Show.  Come join in all the fun!  Show off all your
talent to your family and friends as we put on our annual Labor Day Show.  There are classes for EVERYONE!  
Adults start at 9 AM with “on the flat” classes (no jumping) then move on to jumping and trail classes.  The young
riders start at 10 AM with “on the flat “classes and then command, jumping and trail classes.  Sign up notebooks
are in the office.  Cost is $15 per class.  Hope to see you there!  

Tuesday, September 10 – Home School Open House – 10am.  FREE to Home School kids ONLY.  Learn more
about our daytime home school riding lessons.  Participants will learn how our program works plus meet our
wonderful horses and staff!!  Open to ages 7 and up.  Remember…all must wear long pants and closed toed
shoes.  See you there!!

Saturday, September 21 - Develop your Seat without Stirrups with Basia – 5pm.  Let Basia help you find that
deep seat and connection with your horse.  Your riding will change forever for the best.  Open to A/C2 and above.  
Cost is $50 per rider and please sign up in the office.

Monday – Friday, September 23-27 – Adult Camp – starting at 6 pm.
 Why let the kids have all the fun!  Come
spend your evening riding in a great lesson and learning more about the wonderful world of horses!  Complete
info will be posted in the office by September 3rd.  

Sunday, September 22 - Pony Pals CIT THANK YOU Party – 6pm.  We LOVE our CIT’s and want to show our
appreciation for their hard work, cheerfulness and dedication to our Pony Pals Program!!!  We will play some fun
mounted games and finish with an ice cream party in the lounge or at the picnic tables.  There is no charge but
please sign up in the office.  Karen will assign the horses too.  See you there!!

Woodland’s Hours of Operation:  Our barn hours are Mon – Fri., 8 to 8 and Sat. – Sun., 8 to 6.  Visitors, students,
and working students should be picked up before the barn closes.  Thank you.

Also, there are times when Woodland will cancel lessons because of other activities, major holidays and
inclement weather.  Lessons are always cancelled when Montgomery County Snow Emergency Plan is in effect.  
For those times, students will call the Center (301-421-9156) to schedule a make-up lesson in a different class,
but appropriate-level class.  Instructors will help students pick a make-up class.  Students MAY NOT credit
missed lessons towards their next bill.  Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE…Children are not to be dropped at Woodland off unless they are attending a lesson or are a
working student or in camp.  Children must be picked up within ½ hour of the end of a lesson.

Woodland’s Extreme Weather Policy:
Don’t forget to check our Weather Policy located on our web site ( for any cancellation
of classes due to extreme conditions.  Up to the minute announcements are found on facebook as well!

Woodland Dog Policy: Reminder.  All visiting dogs must be on leashes at all times.  Thank you.

Lesson Payment:
Like all businesses on time payment for lessons is extremely important to our financial status.  Our horses and
staff count on your timely payments.  Please be sure to include your child’s name on the check or credit card
payment, especially if the name is different from the parent’s name.

Our policy is that lessons are CONSECUTIVE and PREPAID in advance of the first lesson.  Makeup lessons are
to be made within 30 days of a missed lesson.  Thank you.

Year-Round Activities & Programs:
Show Team - Show team for our young riders’ and adult rides’ and is an all year round happening.  If you are
interested in joining the Show Team, contact Ashley or Katy.  We are limited in the number of riders for the Show
Team, but we will try to have as many of you as possible. Let them know of your interest and they will give you all
the details.

Adult Dressage Team - Any adult who has even a slight interest in dressage and can post the trot is welcome to
join.  We ride every Friday night. For additional information, contact Ashley C.

Adult Drill Team – Our Drill Team is for our “over 18” riders and is a lot of fun!   We ride in patterns to music and
present our drills at our In-House Shows and area events like the Montgomery County Ag Fair!  We practice on the
1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  Interested?  See Karen Parker for more info.

Working Student Program – Ingrid Dietrich is the Program Manager for both the Working Student Program and
the Adult Grooming Program.  This program is available for all our students (Adults and Children ages 8 and up).  
She will train you and explain your responsibilities and give you the opportunity to work with the knowledgeable
Barn Managers.  

Adult Grooming Program –This is a super program for the adult that cannot commit to a certain time every week
but would like to spend more time at Woodland and with horses.  This is an excellent program, which will teach
you how to groom and correctly care for a horse.  After your training session, you can choose your own schedule
to groom and spend quality time with the school horses.  Please see Ingrid Dietrich for more info.
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