Saturday, April 8 - Competitive Trail Riding Clinic with Karen (PART 1 of 3) – 5:30 PM.  
Want to build confidence in both you and your horse? In this three-part clinic, you will
learn how to correctly introduce our horses to unusual and/or horse-scary items like
tarps, mailboxes, balloons, umbrellas, and more.  In this first clinic, you will work with
your horse in-hand as you introduce him to “new” objects.  Assuming all goes well, we
will mount up and give it a try!  This is a 2-hour clinic so be prepared to work into the
evening.  Open to riders’ level 1+ and up.  Cost is $70 per rider.  Sign-up sheet is in the
office.  FYI - Clinic #2 will be all mounted work and held in May; Clinic #3 will be a Mini-
Competitive Trail Course Challenge around the Center with judged obstacles and will be
held in June.  Dates of Clinics #2 & #3 will be announced at Clinic #1.  

PLEASE NOTE: We will be CLOSED for all Lessons and our Introductory Lesson Easter
Sunday.  For our current students, we will offer a great assortment of Mini-Clinics.

Sunday, April 16 - Easter Clinics – Come on out and spend your Easter Morning at the
barn!!  Here is the list of Mini-Clinics!  
•        9 am with Ashley: Jumping Clinic.  Levels C2+and up.  
•        9 am with Erica: Perfect your Position.  Levels 1 and up
•        10 am with Erica: Perfect your Sitting Trot.  Levels 1+ and up
•        10 – 12noon - Trail Ride with Ashley to the Reservoir.  Levels 2 and up

Adult Camp 2017: April 17-21.  Why let the kids have all the fun!  Come spend your
evening riding in a great lesson and learning more about our wonderful horses!  
Complete info is in the office posted on the bulletin board.  Registration forms are in the
office and on our website.

Friday, April 21 – Working Student Training w/ Sally – 6:00pm.  Want to spend more
time with our horses?  Become a Working Student!  Sally will train you how to be a super
helper in the barn and you will earn extra riding time.  Learn more about it by coming to
this training session.

Saturday, April 29 – Dressage 101 Clinic with Erica – 6:30pm.  With the In-House
Dressage Show coming in June, let’s spend some extra time learning about dressage
and get ready for the upcoming show!  Erica will help you understand the importance of
dressage and help you learn your first test.  Open to all levels.  Cost is $45 per rider.  
Signup sheets are in the office.

More Exciting stuff!!  Friday, May 5th – Jr. Young Riders In-House Fund Raising Show.  
Let’s help our young riders earn some money to they can get to the show.  There will be
Equitation, Jumping and Trail classes for all.  Cost per class is $15

Save the Date – Annual In-House Dressage Show – June 10.  Complete info will be
coming soon and your instructors will be telling you all about it!
April Calendar of Events
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