This program for the adult who would like to spend more time at
Woodland and with horses, but cannot commit to a certain time
every week.  This is an excellent program which will teach you
how to groom and correctly care for a horse.  After your training
session, you can choose your own schedule to groom and
spend quality time with the school horses.

You will be able to groom the horse in the barn or, if possible,
take the horse to grass while you groom.  What a great deal for
everyone involved.

The Details...For every five hours of grooming time you will
receive a coupon good for one extra lesson, not to be used as
payment for your regular class.  Your instructor will help you
select another class of an appropriate level.
Adult Grooming Program Application
NEW and IMPROVED General Guidelines for our Working Students

Please read thoroughly.
November 2012
1.  Working student must be at least 8 years of age.
2.  Working student must be enrolled in lessons and have attended the working student training
3.  Working student must be responsible, trustworthy, and physically capable to perform barn
chores.  If a student has difficulty following instructions and being safe, we have the right to
postpone the program for this student.
4.  Working student must have a current working student application on file.
5.  Only barn managers are permitted to complete working student forms and allowed to distribute
coupons (5 hours of WORK = 1 one group lesson).
6.  Coupons earned can only be redeemed for a group lesson (no practice rides).
7. Working students may work in 30 minute increments (no quarter hours permitted please).
8.  Working students are not permitted to work during camp hours.  
9.  Once coupons are issued, it is the responsibility of the working student not to lose them (new
coupons will not be re-issued).
10.  Please call 24 hours in advance when scheduling free lessons.
11.  Practice rides will cost $35 for an hour.
12.  Instructors must approve horses for students to ride in free lessons.
13.  Students are NOT allowed to be dropped off at the barn on school holidays or camp, unless
enrolled in camp.
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