Woodland Horse Center in Maryland, MD has tons of out-of-class activities
for current students.  You'll find clinics, get-togethers, games nights and
much more.  Every month we publish the
Fun Facts and that is where you will
find what is going on.  Look for it on-line or pick up a copy in the office.
Remember...ALL out-of-class activities are for students of Woodland Horse
Center, Maryland (MD) and their invited guests.
Year-Round Activities & Programs:

Equi-Lease - Woodland has a great program for students who want to ride
more, socialize more or just have more fun with people who have the same
love for horses. This program is perfect for those who want to own a horse
but are not ready to take that step.  Our goal is for you to learn what
owning a horse is all about, but at the same time have fun riding, taking
lessons and enjoying trail riding more than once a week.  For more
information please see Tammy.

Show Team - Show team for our young riders’ is an all year round
happening.  If you are interested in joining the Show Team, contact Brittany
or Michelle.  We are limited in the number of riders for the show Team, but
we will try to have as many of you as possible. Let them know of your
interest and they will give you all the details.

Working Student Program - This is a fantastic program managed by our
Ms. Lynn and is available for all our students (Adults and Children ages 8
and up).  She will train and explain your responsibilities and give you the
opportunity to work with the knowledgeable Barn Managers.  This program
is available to children and adults.

Adult Grooming Program - This is a super program for the adult that
cannot commit to a certain time every week, but would like to spend more
time at Woodland and with horses.  This is an excellent program, which will
teach you how to groom and correctly care for a horse.  After your training
session, you can choose your own schedule to groom and spend quality
time with the school horses.
Other Programs:


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